Ludrock is a collective effort. You heard me say that many times. Efforts of many are responsible for our successes. No one part is any more responsible than the next. It's the sum of all these parts that deserve all the credit. From the person that drives a nail in the stage, makes a donation or just attends the events, it's all the reason for what this has become today. And it's the source of where this will go in the future. Ludrock belongs to many and anyone who wants to be a part in this journey.

Any member of what we have termed as Ludrock Nation, no matter when they became involved or their level of involvement are the true founders of this story, that is still being written.

I am just glad and thankful that I have seen and witnessed it and have been blessed to be along for the ride.

This is the real reason Ludrock exists at all. It's the reason why it's become what it has.

People make it happen. It's about the sense of community and friendship. It's more than just music. It's belonging to something that can change people's lives and make a small difference.