​ludrock 2020

about the cause...

for more than twenty years now, a group of friends have made their way back to a small town on the shores of lake michigan to reunite through music and community. the evolution from different garages, basements and venues has created this thing called ludrock. now a public event, held each july, it has become much more than a music festival. ludrock is 100% volunteer driven and all funds raised after expenses stay local.

who we are...


​hard to sum up in words what he does.... he is amazing, we love him

*jess-vice prez

possessor of many a band and concert t shirt...

​he has provided several garages for testing


she is our treasure, she keeps us on course


she collects the reasons why we do this and does it very well


​someone has to represent the 4th ward

*and then there is ludrock nation...